We're an international partnership based in Cambridge and Melbourne. We help our clients create events that genuinely engage people.

• Conferences
• Management awaydays
• Team building
• Retreats
• Workshops

We’ve worked around the world, from San Francisco to the Solomon Islands - with organisations from broadcasters to advertising agencies, innovation consultancies to non-profits. 

Clients have included the BBC, VicRoads, Fitch Design, Oxford University, Johnson & Johnson, World Vision and Save the Children.


It's easy for meetings to follow rituals that appear comforting but don't bring out the diversity of thoughts and feelings of participants. Familiar methods often put people into trances or have them reaching for their devices. 

But below the surface, there is always tremendous aliveness. We aim to bring that energy to the fore. We use a range of methods to create more fluid and lively interaction among participants. We are present and spontaneous, able to adapt to what happens moment-by-moment in the room. 

Read more about our approach or contact us to discuss your own needs and find out more.

Facilitating an international group of activists for four days running is a tough gig. But Johnnie did a terrific job, with good humour, humility and enthusiasm. The feedback from participants was resoundingly positive. And I’m really looking forward to working with him again at our next summit.
— Becky Jarvis, European Director, Open Progressive Engagement Network
Viv: you were awesome! The best facilitator ever. Period! You can quote me on that :)
— Magnus M. Conteh, Health Programme Coordinator, World Vision