Creative Facilitation: Design Masterclass

Melbourne May 9 and 10 2018


Discover how co-operative board games like Pandemic, and engagement games on complex topics, can inspire more creativity, innovation, and participation in your workshops. 

Creative Facilitation encourages movement, exploration, aliveness and connecting with ideas and each other. We’ll do all of that in this two-day Masterclass, as well as help you to explore, design, create, and prototype your own materials and activities. 

These skills are invaluable in many situations - day-to-day work, when preparing a presentation or conference workshop, when inviting ideas from others, and when comparing options.

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Creative Facilitation: Bringing Meetings to Life

Cambridge July 5 and 6 2018


Meetings don't have to be boring or predictable. Effective meetings - consultations, trainings, workshops - can change the whole culture of your organisation.

  • Get more out of every meeting or workshop
  • Learn new techniques for creating engagement
  • Build your presence and performance as a facilitator

There will be movement, surprise, emotion, engagement and fun. We learn our most powerful lessons from experience, not from lectures. The greatest value in workshops comes from sharing experiences, rather than taking notes from the "sage on the stage"

We'll share a simple model of networks to show how you can shift the way you think about meetings and workshops. Move away from hierarchy towards more creative, peer-to-peer engagement. And we'll use a range of activities and challenges to help you become more aware of your performance as a facilitator.

Cambridge July 5 and 6  details and bookings

Creative Facilitation: Online Coaching

We run monthly online coaching webinars to support you in building your own facilitation practice. 

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