Masterclass: Design for Aliveness 

Melbourne 26-7 April 2017

In this masterclass you will learn how to use creative processes that allow people to really participate.

Creative Facilitation encourages movement, exploration, aliveness and connecting with ideas and each other. We’ll do all of that in this two-day Masterclass, as well as help you to explore, design, create, and prototype your own materials and activities. 

These skills are invaluable in many situations - day-to-day work, when preparing a presentation or conference workshop, when inviting ideas from others, and when comparing options.

We have spent the last 20 years helping organisations around the world have meetings that command attention and generate challenge and excitement. There’s no big secret to what we do, it comes down to two things: using creative processes that allow people to reallyparticipate, and showing up as a facilitator that people feel able to trust.

Creative Facilitation: Bringing Meetings to Life

Auckland: May 1st 2017    Cambridge: May 8th and 9th 2017     


Meetings don't have to be boring or predictable. Effective meetings - consultations, trainings, workshops - can change the whole culture of your organisation.

  • Get more out of every meeting or workshop
  • Learn new techniques for creating engagement
  • Build your presence and performance as a facilitator

There will be movement, surprise, emotion, engagement and fun. We learn our most powerful lessons from experience, not from lectures. The greatest value in workshops comes from sharing experiences, rather than taking notes from the "sage on the stage"

We'll share a simple model of networks to show how you can shift the way you think about meetings and workshops. Move away from hierarchy towards more creative, peer-to-peer engagement. And we'll use a range of activities and challenges to help you become more aware of your performance as a facilitator.

Unhurried Facilitation Residential

Cambridge 30 August to 1 September 2017 - Bookings now open

also Melbourne 28 February to 2 March 2018 - Provisional dates set

Difficult participants. Demanding sponsors. Unexpected mistakes. Surprises sprung on you by the venue. Sudden changes of schedule. Whatever life throws at you, can you find a way to take in your stride, and maybe even turn it to your advantage?

The real skill of facilitation is not knowing lots of processes, but being able to respond creatively to the challenges of working with groups, moment-by-monent. The real test comes when things take an unexpected turn. 

We're dedicating this three day residential workshop to exploring the most challenging and exciting territory for anyone who works with people.

We sum this capacity up as Unhurried, a philosophy we've been developing for several years and apply to all our work with people and organisations.

We'll be sharing our years of experience working with organisations on five continents - but our emphasis will be on experimentation and exploration.

We are returning to King's Cambridge which has quickly become one of our favourite places to work. In the heart of the historic city it provides a relaxing and beautiful location in which to learn.

If your register interest now, we'll keep you posted and we'll also offer you the chance to contribute ideas to the design of the event.