Creative Facilitation: Online Coaching

We’re launching an online coaching group. We plan to run this every month to support you in building your own facilitation practice.

The opening webinar for 12 December (9pm London time, 8am on 13th December in Melbourne) is fully booked with a waitlist.

We are running it again on Thursday 14th December at:
London 9am
Paris 10am
Singapore 5pm
Melbourne 8pm

The session will last 90 minutes. It will be limited to 8 participants, in addition to Viv and Johnnie who will be co-hosting.

Each session will have a theme, but we’ll be strongly guided by the needs of each participant.

Opening Theme: Performance

For session one, we’ll explore Facilitation as a Performance.

What happens when things go wrong? What do you do about difficult people? How do you deal with challenges, stage fright, a crisis of confidence? These are the questions that come up again and again when we train facilitators. And we sometime say this: What if instead of being thrown by surprises we actually practice embracing them?

We'll explore some of the ways to keep your cool when in front of a group, how to calm your nerves, and what to do when you don't know what to do. Being able to hold your line in the face of challenges - your own and from the group - is an important skill to develop.

When you have to throw away the plan, for whatever reason, you may have to improvise. This is not the same as 'winging it' - you can be well prepared to improvise! We'll explore the principles that underpin improvisation and ways you can use them.

Planned future Webinars

We plan to offer this format monthly. This is our current planned list of themes for the next three, but we’ll be guided by feedback from our first webinar before confirming.

January 2018: The power of realistic expectations. How to avoid over-promising and resisting the urge of sponsors to cram in too much content.

February 2018: Holding space for reflection. How to prevent burn out in meetings by creating opportunities for quieter, more thoughtful conversation and learning.

March 2018: The subtle art of changing energy. How to create shifts in engagement without the stress and strain of unloved “icebreakers”.

This webinar will use a coaching format and is limited to 8 participants. There will be opportunities to share and reflect together. We’ll bring our combined 40 years of experience to help you think differently about your next challenging facliitation.

Who is the webinar for?

This webinar series is for people who've worked with us before or those who've been unable to attend our workshops in person and want to learn about the concepts of Creative Facilitation. Because it is a coaching format the number of participants is limited to 8.


This coaching group is designed to:

- provide a space for you to explore, and reflect on, your own facilitation practice

- explore new thinking and ideas for working wth groups

- learn how to be prepared for those difficult moments

- have the benefits of a supportive group of peers 

Online, isn't that tricky? Do I need special technology?

We have been reluctant to work online too, until now. We use Zoom, which allows us the flexibilty to actually co-facilitate, do activities, and break into smaller groups. We'll give you a link that you can use on any computer or device.

A recent participant had this to say about Zoom: "Holy, Toledo!  Where has this been all of my life!??! I think that it really added to the overarching experience today!  I was so happy to see everyone's faces and to be sent mysteriously to a small group chat.  It was hi-tech meets wizardry as far as I am concerned!"

What others say

"I was absolutely blown away by what I learned from an hour plus with Johnnie and Viv.  I found myself talking about my takeaways from the training for the rest of the day--to basically anyone who got within earshot.  I was sincerely left wanting more! "

"Thank you soooo much for inviting me to such a lovely and enjoyable session. I learnt so many techniques and approaches from the 90 minutes. I was amazed at how Johnnie and Viv wove in all their principles and demonstrated them through action in such a short session. Very impressive to observe and experience."

"Thanks again for bringing us and leading such a fabulous experience! Thoroughly enjoyed it, and was great to interact with you all too. Johnny and Viv were brilliant!"


The launch webinar will be £90 plus VAT or A$150 plus GST.

Launch participants will be offered a 20% discount on any sessions they subsequently attend in 2018. We also plan to offer a subscription option for those who would like attend on a regular basis

We also plan to offer a coaching-plus subscription that will include additional one-to-one coaching

Once booked, places are non-refundable but are transferable.

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