Online Coaching: Unhurried Leadership and Facilitation

We run monthly online coaching sessions for leaders and facilitators. We explore how to respond creatively when working with others - especially when dealing with difficult and stressful challenges. The group format creates opportunities to share experiences with fellow participants from around the world. The intention is to provide a reflective space for leaders/facilitators who can often feel isolated in their work.

There is no fixed agenda for each session but the guiding principle is unhurried: we're more likely to do our best if we practice relaxing into difficulty and responding with curiosity rather than urgency.

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Johnnie's been developing this approach for several years, including hosting over 100 Unhurried Conversations in the last three years. He uses it in his work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, in the UK and internationally.

An unhurried approach helps us to:

  • Use time more flexibly
  • Use difference and resonance as a source of creativity
  • Work with, rather than against, the grain of how humans behave most naturally

You can read more about these themes at the Unhurried website.

You are welcome to join for single sessions or on a regular basis. Next dates/times:

Monday 14 May 9am UK (4pm Singapore, 6pm Sydney, 8pm Auckland) 
repeated at 11am UK (6pm Singapore, 8pm Sydney, 10pm Auckland)

Each session will run for 90 minutes and is limited to eight participants, in addition to Johnnie who will be hosting. The cost is £70 (plus 20% VAT depending on your location). On booking, your space will be held for seven days and we'll invoice you - you'll be able to pay online to confirm your spot.

Reserve a space using the form below - we'll contact you to confirm payment details

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"I was absolutely blown away by what I learned from an hour plus.  I found myself talking about my takeaways from the training for the rest of the day--to basically anyone who got within earshot.  I was sincerely left wanting more! "

Thank you soooo much for inviting me to such a lovely and enjoyable session. I learnt so many techniques and approaches from the 90 minutes."

"Thanks again for bringing us and leading such a fabulous experience! Thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Holy, Toledo!  Where has this been all of my life!??! I think that it really added to the overarching experience today!  It was hi-tech meets wizardry as far as I am concerned!"