Case Studies


Innovation Jam
An international airline wanted to open up its innovation programme. We organised a one day innovation jam in London. This involved customers, staff, independent tech specialists and social media experts to co-create new ideas to improve service. Using a variety of methods we created dozens of break out discussions. Over 20 project ideas were identified, of which 8 where then shortlisted for priority development by the airline.

Emergency Planning Conference
A major international aid agency needed to involve its international teams in the development, refinement and implementation of a completely new emergency planning tool. Over 80 participants from all over the world gathered for 3 days in Bangkok. We designed and facilitated the whole meeting, mainly using an Open Space approach, to bring all participants up to speed on the plan and then helped them to co-create procedures for refining and deploying it.

Leadership Retreat
We facilitated a two-day retreat for the leadership team of a startup business. The team had been encountering a series of communications challenges and conflicts and needed to clear the air and create a new sense of direction for the business. Our focus was on creating clear and direct conversations, taking care to create space for each person to speak uninterrupted. This helped to resolve many of the trickier conflicts and allowed the team to reach agreement on new ways of working.

Strategy Conference
A leading US broadcaster with many independent affiliates needed to rethink its strategy in response to the challenges of the internet.  We facilitated a meeting in Washington for more than 100 participants to share information and ideas, and to create new business models together. Over the course of three days a new consensus emerged on how to change the ways they worked together.


Leadership team cohesion
A digital enterprise, employing 80 people asked us to work with its senior leadership team. Over six months we helped them to improve their communications and relationships and create more creative working relationships.

Boosting academic research innovation
We worked with a university to host a one-day gathering of academic researchers to share project ideas and create more effective funding proposals for future work.

Innovation in the public sector
A regional government asked us to help organise a meeting of over 60 innovators from within the region to co-create new projects for economic development and citizen engagement. We designed and led a day of conversations, reflections and workshops which generate a shortlist of ideas for implementation.


Strategy for Activists
We have run several events for an international network of political activists. These events are to support greater sharing of ideas and practices, and to support the generation of new methods an campaign ideas. This work combines a range of processes like Open Space, World Cafe and a number of processes we invented ourselves to support cohesion, fun, reflection and creativity.

Team building after merger
We worked with a leading technology company which had recently merged two businesses. We designed a one-day event to bring the teams together, share plans and build support for a vision of new ways of working together

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