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First half of 2019

Get more out of every meeting or workshop • Learn new techniques • Build your presence as a facilitator

Radical Plays


Melbourne October 30th - 31st

This is a two-day workshop on using game design (and play) to tackle organisation and community challenges.

This workshop is very hands-on – a combination of playing different types of games and discussing with peers how to adapt them to different challenges. You will walk away with new activities, resources and a summary of all the games in the workshop.

Melbourne October 30th-31st Full details and bookings

The Practice

Cambridge November 21st and 22nd Booking open
(Melbourne being planned for February 2019)

Our new workshop is called The Practice.

It’s for anyone whose work depends on working with people – managers, leaders, coaches, facilitators. It will be an opportunity to go a bit deeper into your own professional practice. We’re going to focus on leaning into difficulty, in whatever form that comes for you – maybe difficult people, organisational stress, questions about career direction…

Creative Facilitation: Online Coaching

We offer one-to-one coaching and a monthly online webinar to support you in building your own facilitation practice. 

Details and bookings.