Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of meetings and events do you facilitate?

We’ve been doing this a long time and have experience in all sorts of meetings, for example:

Board meetings
Team building
Management retreats
Innovation jams
Open space conferences
Strategy development

What sort of organisations do you work with?

We’ve worked with just about every kind of organisation: schools and universities, small businesses, international corporations, tv companies, consultancies and agencies, third sector organisations and local and central government.

Where do you work?

We’re based in the UK and Australia but we work around the world. In recent years we’ve worked in South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, India, Singapore, Nepal, Germany, France, Romania, the USA, Thailand, Singapore and the Solomon Islands. We’ve not worked in South America the antarctic yet, but we’re open to offers.

We have a network of talented co-facilitators so we can also provide local expertise in many locations.

How do you charge?

We generally charge on the basis of time, although for most projects we’re happy to fix a fee once we’ve agreed your brief. Any expenses (travel, accommodation) are added at cost.

Do you design events as well as facilitate them?

Absolutely. A great meeting starts with a great design. We’ll help you plan an event that creates expectations, engages people before it starts and after it ends.

Do you do online facilitation?

Yes, we often host online meetings, usually using the Zoom platform.

How do we get started working with you?

Let’s have an initial chat and then organise a meeting (in person or online) to take a full briefing from you, after which we’d prepare a project proposal with estimated costs for you to consider.

Do you help with venue selection and logistics like hotels etc?

We’re always happy to advise on venues and work with partners if you need other services

Do you work with small groups?

Yes, we are very happy to work on small meetings and groups.

Can you facilitate really big events?

Yes, we’re experienced in large scale events of 200 plus people. We have a team of associate facilitators available to provide additional support if required.

How creative are your approaches?

We like to match ideas to the brief. Some of our events are quite conservative while others are more playful and theatrical - Johnnie once helped stage the haunting of Arundel castle.