Do Pause


Our friend, Rob Poynton, has a new book out: Do Pause: You are not a To Do List.

It's a concise and wise guide to the power of pausing, and resonates really strongly with our continuing practice of unhurried. In a world where technology appears to set the pace, it's vital for people to do what machines can't do - which sometimes means pausing.

Here's how Rob sums up the value of a pause:

"I want you to let go of the idea that time is linear, regular and objective, and think of it in the same way we experience it - as elastic, variable and layered... A pause is an opening. It acts as a portal to other options and choices, giving more dimension to your experience. Just as a small amount of yeast makes light of heavy dough, a small amount of pause here and there can leaven or lighten your life."

The chapter on design is of particular interest to facilitators. Rob explores how to bring the wisdom of the pause into our meetings. He describes the Oxford leadership course that he has helped to run for 15 years. It's a week full of ideas and experiences - but the main benefit for those attending is that they feel it gives them space to think. Rob argues that creating intentional emptiness, even in a crowded program is an art that deserves our attention.

We've both worked with Rob and know how much work he has put into this book. If we had set out to write a book about the philosophy of unhurried, we couldn't have matched this one. 

We'll end with one more thought from Rob: "Instead of trying to manage your time, pay more attention to finding your rhythm. You can make time, for yourself."