Our new guide for community groups

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We've just published a new book, Bring Your Meetings to Life,  and you can download it free here.

Community groups, especially those run by volunteers, often struggle to flourish, or even survive. These groups can be trapped by habits and expectations of how a community group should operate.

The book describes how to set up a group from scratch making sure that expectations are realistic. And for already-established groups, where membership might be static, interest is waning, and enthusiasm lacking, it gives tips and ideas to reinvigorate your meetings, to shake things up a bit, and importantly, encourage greater participation in group activities. These tips are also ideal for new groups, to help keep the group interesting and vibrant.

Viv's favourite part of the book is called 52 Ideas, with ideas for theme-based meetings - a different one for each week of the year: it reinforces that when we meet as a group of humans, there's lots of possibilities about how we meet and interact that are human and inspiring.

Download here