Viv McWaters

There are many different styles of facilitation. My style is to break patterns – to do the unexpected, to respond to what is actually happening rather than what should be happening, and to work with the group to discover new approaches to the work that matters for them. With a background in both the natural sciences and the arts, I am able to bring the best of both worlds to my work. And I love to play – with ideas, with with how we work and approach difficult situations.

The practices of improv theatre influence me greatly on how I approach my work, as well as drawing on a whole suite of other approaches. You’ll likely see me mix and match, and trying something different, unusual or completely from left field. I love working with people willing to do the same. There’s more of me at my personal website.

Johnnie Moore

Graduating in Philosophy and Politics, I suppose I was bound to be fascinated by how people figure things out together, and how power gets played out in groups. My first job was as a speechwriter to Lord Sainsbury, followed by a job as a copywriter for an ad agency. I then worked as a planner in two other agencies before setting up my own consultancy. I gradually found the way meetings worked (and the ways they went awry) more fascinating than the advertising itself. So I become a trainer and facilitator, which I’ve been doing for 20 years now.

I share Viv’s passion for what improvisational theatre teaches us about collaboration and creativity. I keep a blog at my personal website where you can read about me in exhausting detail, if that’s your thing!

Without a doubt, Johnnie and Viv gave me the most precious resources I have ever had to foster deep collaboration, creativity and results in teams. What they imparted went beyond skills to encompass the spirit and ethos of great facilitation. Fun, powerful and life-changing!
— Lai Wan Chung, Learning & Development Director, Asia,Rentokil-Initial PLC