The Practice of Unhurried Leadership


Going deeper into the challenges of working with people
12th/13th February 2019
Cambridge 3rd/4th April 2019

Our new workshop is for anyone whose work depends on working with people – managers, leaders, coaches, facilitators. We’ll explore this is in the spirit of Unhurried, a project we’ve been growing for the last five years:

Difference and difficulty as a source of creativity
The wisdom of uncertainty
Being human
Practice and performance

It’s an opportunity to go deeper into your own professional practice. We’re going to focus on leaning into difficulty, in whatever form that comes for you – maybe difficult people, organisational stress, questions about career direction..

Our aim is to offer a safe space to explore your own learning edge and discover new things about yourself.

Radical Design: a programme built for and with you


We create the programme in response to what you bring. We call it Radical Design. In this way, we believe we really are building an experience around the people that matter, you. It includes a on-line group zoom meeting before we meet face-to-face, and also afterwards.

The Practice is for people looking for something a bit different and special, willing to be surprised by what they learn as part of a collaborative group. Some of the participants will have worked with us before, whilst others are joining us for the first time.

We’re not expecting to be teaching, but we are going to use activities and conversations to help everyone explore their own edges.

At the first run of this workshop, we worked on a series of challenges, using a range of activities, including some creative stimulation using archetypes, our action storming role play process and constellations work. There was a rich mixture of conversation, space for reflection, and playful experimentation.

Show Up - Let go - Jump In

The first step is to Show Up - that’s usually the easiest bit.

Then Let Go - of expectations, of old habits of thinking and acting, of worn-out stories we tell ourselves about what we can and can’t do, or why something will or won’t work.

And then Jump In - to new experiences and ideas, to different ways of thinking and being.

What to expect

You can expect to be working with a diverse group of people bringing vastly different experiences who will quickly become colleagues and supporters of your own journey. There is a maximum of 12 participants, plus two hosts. You can expect to be challenged, excited, surprised - and never bored. We will build in opportunities to rest your brain and energise your body.


There will be a maximum of 12 participants, plus two hosts/facilitators for the group. In preparation, we plan to offer an (optional) online meeting for participants a couple of weeks ahead of the workshop, and a follow up online meeting after the workshop.