We’ve trained people as far afield as Singapore, Melbourne and London. 

Our training is experiential, fun, and thought-provoking. 

We share techniques for getting the most from groups. And we help you develop your own performance as leader or facilitator. 

We work on having bolder conversations – becoming more comfortable on unknown ground.

We practice techniques for engaging the resistance – confronting and overcoming your most difficult challenges.

Participants reflect on our work together

We reflect on connecting more deeply - learning how to open ourselves and others to change.

And we explore ways to create psychological safety in groups. Researchers at Google highlight this as the number one factor in making teams effective.


We run facilitation training workshops, and also design customised trainings for organisations worldwide - contact us for details. We also offer online coaching for facilitators.

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Our free 73 page book describes our approach to facilitation in more detail. Our training menu gives more details of the approaches we take to workshops for clients.

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UK: Johnnie Moore +44 7973 414263

Australia: Viv McWaters +61 417 135 406

After attending too many trainings that resemble expired fruit, Viv’s facilitation was like eating fresh strawberries on a park bench. Forget about traditional concepts of learning, brainstorming or group discussions. This may be one of the most useful courses you will ever attend.
— Stephen Harries, World Vision
Our training experience with Johnnie was a game changer. The team’s idea of what effective facilitation is, got turned on its head. We walked away from two very valuable days with tools and a perspective that has changed the way we approach meetings and facilitation workshops. This was the best training session we’ve had in a long time.
— Cheryl Ader-Dunne, Executive Director of Strategy, Leopard, Denver Colorado
I’ve learned pretty much everything I know about creative facilitation from Johnnie over the years. His approach to training is intelligent, fun and very engaging. Highly recommended.
— Roland Harwood, co-founder, 100%Open