Design meetings that people want to go to

Human beings are amazing. Too often, meetings are the opposite. We’re here to change that.

Creative Facilitation is run by Viv McWaters and Johnnie Moore. We're based in the UK and Australia. Between us, we have over 40 years' experience in this work with organisations from government to industry, education to advertising. 


 Some of the organisations we’ve worked with

Some of the organisations we’ve worked with

We've worked around the world, from San Francisco to the Solomon Islands - with organisations from businesses to non-profits, from universities to ad agencies. Clients have included the BBC, VicRoads, Fitch Design, Oxford University, Johnson & Johnson, World Vision and Save the Children.

We run innovation workshops, leadership development work, strategic change, customer research and consultation programmes. We also train facilitators and creative leaders, offering both public workshops and in-house training.



Meetings should work for people in all their diversity and aliveness. To bring out their best, we have to let go of rigid control and give each participant a sense of agency. We have to be open to the unexpected. When planning events, we help you to leave enough space and flexibility for surprise and discovery. 



We use a wide range of processes, including many we've invented ourselves, to help groups get the most out of their time together. However, we'd say the most important thing is our ability to respond flexibly to what is happening live, in the moment. For us, facilitation is a craft rather than a science - our clients come back to us because they know we can be trusted to bring presence, curiosity and spontaneity to the most difficult challenges.

We write about our approach to facilitation in our Ideas section, and some of our posts are highlighted below.

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